Our systems are modular and have been designed to adapt to your needs; There is an endless range of possible variations in design that can be formulated to fit almost any project. Because of the intimate contact of our buildings with the surrounding terrain, climate and topography, every home or other type of construction can be a unique design, taking into account all variables and conditions to create the perfect design... we also have a growing number of prototypes you can use as is, all of which have started out as individual designs for clients.

Here are some simple steps to a successful project:

1-     Download the Biotekt Project Form HERE, fill it out and email to marketing@biotekt.com.

2-    We will let you know how to order your design from us, for a nominal cost of $1 U.S. Dollar per square foot, with a minimum order of $500 Dollars. (This cost will be fully discountable from the cost of your final order). At this point we will need as much information as you can give us about your building site, including site plans, topographical surveys if available, photos, and sketches of your ideas, in order to produce the best possible design for your needs.
3-     We will send you your completed design within 10 days. This package will contain your architectural plans including floor plans, sections, elevations, and 3d views, as well as standard construction details and electrical distribution diagrams. We will also include pricing information for your specific design, as well as info on other associated building costs for your area. When you make your final purchase for the kit, we will include additional information such as structural calculations and schedules (and any other information you may require for permits and licenses), as well as step by step manuals and videos.


Click on the images below to view our prototypes.. These may be used as is or modified any way you like for both the ECOSPHERE™ and OASIS™ building systems. Please CONTACT US  and tell us about your project...


MANGO - 1059 SQ.FT

MANGO - 1059 SQ.FT

2. Corte Fugado1.png