An Ecosphere can be built above grade, semi- underground, or totally underground. If the Ecosphere is mostly above grade, and if there is a need for the berms to be at a steep angle, the earth is structured using various low-cost reinforcing systems that we provide or which can be locally sourced. In many cases there is no need for any special structuring of the surrounding earth, for example If the Ecosphere is underground or mostly underground, or there is enough space around the building to construct berms at at an angle of less than 50 degrees. These simple methods can also be refined to provide even greater energy savings in colder climates using Passive Solar (PAHS) systems that use a waterproof "umbrella" layer to create conditions in which energy savings can reach up to 100%, needing little or no external heating sources even in the harshest weather conditions. Our step by step manuals and videos make construction easy and quick..