BIOTEKT system panels are made with an advanced  composite material called Biocomposite™ a proprietary composite developed by Biotekt that includes a super strong fiber reinforcement and recycled PET plastics. The system panels when bonded together are not only strong because of their material composition, but also because of the shapes themselves, forming arches and barrel vaults thatdistribute the stresses and strains on the structure when fully loaded in an ideal way. Our innovation doesn't stop there... the earth berms on the sides of the structures and on the roof are structured in such a way that they actually collaborate with the stability and strength of the finished structure. The technology used in these earthworks is an evolution of various methods of earth construction and stabilization such as superadobe and geotextiles, designed for the living earth and vegetation covering of the ECOSPHERE system. In OASIS, on the other hand, desert sand and any other locally available materials like earth, clay and gravel are first used to form berms as in the Ecosphere system, and then sprayed with sand stabilized with an advanced polymer. In both systems composite ducts and channels for electrical wiring and water pipes as well as mechanical ventilation ducts, can be added to the shell at any point necessary.