If there is a place full of beauty, calmness and with the power of healing our souls, that is Huatulco…

La Jabalina Project

  • Located in the southeast of Mexico, in the coastlines of Oaxaca (one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country), Bahías de Huatulco is an ecotourism spot, a small town with no less than 9 Bays and 36 beaches to enjoy, some of the most beautiful in the Pacific Ocean. It simply offers locals and foreigners a wonderful opportunity to rest and enjoy its magic.

Alejandro Gavilanes

Project Director

Cell phone: +52 331-607-0002
Email: agavilanes9@gmail.com

Please direct your inquiries to me, I will gladly answer all your questions!  

We are very excited to present the first ecological and sustainable BIOTEKT community in Huatulco:

  • La Jabalina is a project made in collaboration with local people and Biotekt USA LLC, which offers the latest techonology for earth contact structures: A modular construction system, manufactured with composite materials, and designed to be covered by earth and vegetation, just like a comfortable hobbit house!

Advantages over traditional construction

  • Easy and fast to assemble and maintain
  • Will pay for themselves in energy savings
  • Made from recycled materials that will last for centuries!
  • Beautiful and comfortable to live in
  • You are contributing to live in a more sustainable and greener world!

About the project…

  • The community is located only ten minutes away from downtown, at the top of a hill, which allows everyone in there to have a beautiful view of the Golf Camp and the mountains around. Most of the days is windy, coming from the valley and offering a sensation of freshness during the entire day.
  • We have a Mango 2 Prototype in construction process. The area above will hold the common areas such as pool, restaurant, a vegetable patch, among others. We are planning to build thirteen houses for thirteen families who want to experience a new way of living, where peace, harmony, and connection with nature are the new trends. 

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