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What is Biotekt

BIOTEKT is a unique combination of old and new technologies and sustainable construction methods: Earth berm construction, green roofs and walls, passive solar design, and prefabricated composite shells. In this beautiful synthesis we solve the problems usually associated with earth construction like high labor costs and intensive craftsmanship, as well as the problems with prefabricated..


The EcoSphere

The EcoSphereâ„¢ is a lightweight but super strong shell, made of composite materials, designed to be covered by earth and vegetation". An EcoSphere can be built above grade, semi- underground, or totally underground...


Building with Biotekt

Building with our systems is easy and fast…



Our systems are modular and have been designed to adapt to your needs; There is an endless range of possible variations in design that can be formulated to fit almost any project...


Biotekt Worldwide

Check out our Distributors in North America and the World, to see how we can best assist you in making your dream come true...

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