BIOTEKT USA is an American limited liability company constituted in the State of Florida. We fabricate and sell components and kits for the patented Biotekt systems of earth-sheltered construction, ECOSPHERE™ and OASIS™.



 Manuel (right) with clients in one of the first prototype homes built in Colombia in 2010

Manuel (right) with clients in one of the first prototype homes built in Colombia in 2010

Manuel Lago Granger, architect and ecologist, (and now Biotekt's CEO and co- founder), formulated the concept and designed the first prototypes for a "prefabricated, modular system of earth-sheltered building in composite materials". 


A local group in Colombia formed a company called COLFIBREX S.A.S. to market Manuel's design, which was initially called the "Green-House System". Although the Colfibrex website is no longer online, you can check out its history at www.archive.org or go here for an archived copy. 


Despite world-wide interest in the system, and the many homes and buildings that were succesfully constructed in different countries, COLFIBREX shut it's doors in 2013 because of management issues. Convinced that the lessons learned were greater than the time lost, Manuel started to look for investors and opportunities to continue with his ideas, especially amongst people that had been interested in the project at one time or another. He also took the opportunity to completely redesign the system, correcting all the failings and disadvantages in the original design that had become evident from experience.


Manuel travelled to the UAE and Oman, where he developed prototypes for a variant of the system that had become an obvious necessity during previous travels to the Middle East, using composites in combination with one of the most abundant (and previously considered useless) materials in the world, desert sand. These prototypes formed the basis for the new system of sand-sheltered building, OASIS™.



Finally, BIOTEKT USA, LLC. was founded by Manuel and Ecosphere Llc, an American company directed by Dr. T, famous holistic scientist, lecturer, and humanitarian. Dr. T is also founder of the Ecopolitan Eco-Health Community, and the Everest Learning Academy in Nepal, which provides care and education for thousands of distressed communities and children.

At this time, Biotekt has a production facility in Colombia, (close to the old Colfibrex plant), and one planned to open early in 2017 in Louisiana. The new systems, ECOSPHERE™ and OASIS™ are true second generation products, and we are in full production at this time.


  • To be world leaders in the coming paradigm shift towards sustainable technologies in construction;

  • To create long-lasting relationships with our clients through quality products and customer service;

  • To encourage, enable, and inspire our employees to reach their fullest potential.